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Measure 114 Campaign Coalition Election Statement

OREGON – Following news that Oregon Measure 114 was approved by Oregon voters, Chief Petitioner Mark Knutson, Chair of Lift Every Voice Oregon, issues the following statement:

“We began this historic campaign to save lives with faith, inspired by young people marching for their lives. We started gathering signatures at a time when too many Oregonians and people around the country were feeling hopeless. Hopeless in the face of record-breaking violence. Hopeless as not enough was being done. Thankfully, a diverse grassroots coalition for change has restored our hope and will save lives. There’s more work to be done, but right now, we are going to celebrate with so much joy in our hearts, knowing that brighter and better days are ahead. I am so proud of everyone that made this historic victory possible.”

Chief Petitioner Marilyn Keller: “The Measure 114 campaign proved that in Oregon people do have the power to make change. Volunteers, artists, organizers, faith leaders, so many people from all walks of life, lent their talents to create a safer place for our children. I sing with so much joy in my heart and spirit tonight and I look forward to singing with joy with Oregonians who are celebrating making our state a better place and a beacon of hope for the rest of the country.”

Chief Petitioner Rabbi Michael Cahana: “This win for Measure 114 is a huge turning point – we have shown the country that voters do want serious action on gun violence prevention. Hopes and prayers are not enough when your neighbors are bleeding, when action is possible and you have the power to do something. And tonight Oregonians took action, utilized the power of democracy, and achieved something remarkable, a victory for other states to follow.”

Miles Pendleton, President of the Eugene-Springfield NAACP: “I am so proud to be a part of this coalition and that our NAACP chapter joined this effort to take action to save lives and reduce gun violence. When we are seeing Black Oregonians killed by guns at a rate 11x higher than white residents, we couldn’t afford to wait, we had to take action. As the co-chair of the Measure 114 Campaign Coalition Equity Committee, I promise that we will do all that we can to make sure that this measure is implemented in a fair and equitable way that works for every Oregonian. We will be working with a broad and diverse group of advocates and legislators, including those that have concerns and didn’t support this measure. What matters most is that we reduce gun violence and improve our state for everyone.”

Antoinette Edwards, retired director of the City of Portland Office of Youth Violence Prevention: “I want to thank this coalition and every Oregonian that supported Measure 114. I have dedicated my life to helping prevent violence and am ecstatic that we achieved this victory. Now, the hard work REALLy begins. As a Black Elder, I promise that I will continue to work hard for our community and to help ensure that Measure 114 is implemented in a way that benefits every Oregonian, regardless of color.”

Penny Okamoto, Director of Ceasefire Oregon Action Fund: “I am deeply grateful to the thousands of people who worked to pass Measure 114. Together, Oregonians rose to the challenge to make stronger gun laws a reality. Thank you and congratulations! Measure 114 is a strong, effective law but it is not a panacea; our work is not yet done. So let us take tonight to celebrate the lives Measure 114 will save and to mourn the hundreds of Oregonians lost to gun violence this year alone. Tomorrow, we begin work on our next steps to reduce gun violence in our great state. But for tonight: congratulations and thank you!

Jenn Lynch, Founder and Chair of the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety: "Volunteers have been the heart and soul of this campaign. From signature gathering to knocking on doors to raising funds, we all owe a deep thanks to the hundreds of Oregonians who volunteered to make this campaign possible. With their resolve and determination, Oregon will tackle our crisis of gun violence."

Representing the Measure 114 campaign, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel:

“As a prosecutor that has seen the horrors of gun violence on victims in my community, I am so pleased to have played a part in helping this historic campaign to save lives and reduce gun violence. What an amazing job by this campaign coalition and a wise decision by Oregon voters. Now, along with the entire campaign coalition, I look forward to helping ensure that Measure 114 is implemented effectively and equitably in every community of our great state.”


  • Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO), motivated and inspired by March For Our Lives and other advocates urging our nation to do something about gun violence, helped form an unprecedented diverse grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations from all across the state to place Measure 114 on the ballot.

  • Over 160,000 signatures were turned into the Secretary of State, gathered by a largely volunteer petitioner gathering effort.

  • It’s been two decades since a gun safety measure was placed before Oregon voters and Measure 114 provided an excellent opportunity for advocates to form new coalitions and educate voters.

  • Oregon voters heard from experts, including Johns Hopkins University, about how laws like Measure 114 have been associated with saving lives and reducing gun violence in other states.

  • Measure 114 was endorsed by newspaper editorial boards across the state, proving the statewide need for a robust conversation on gun violence prevention.

  • Now, there will be a rulemaking and implementation process, where it is imperative that advocates and voters stay engaged.

  • Through that rulemaking process Lift Every Voice Oregon and their partners are committed to centering equity and listening to those communities who are the most impacted by gun violence.

  • Oregon’s passage of this gun safety measure can be an inspiration for activists and volunteers across the nation.

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