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Portland Tribune Letter To The Editor: Measure 114 would reduce gun violence

Scared and feeling hopeless by the continuation of gun violence? There's finally something Oregon voters can do to change this. Measure 114, the Reduction of Gun Violence Act, limits the sale and possession of magazines capable of firing more than 10 bullets without needing to reload. When high-capacity magazines are used in mass shootings, nearly five times as many people are shot.

California and Washington already prohibit them. Sadly, my niece still feels the ramifications of surviving the 2017 Route 91 Harvest music festival (shooting), where her friend was one of 60 killed by an AR-15. She was shot in the back and was so badly injured there was no chance to save her.

Measure 114 also requires a criminal background check and safety training to ensure the owner knows how to handle, load, shoot and store a gun responsibly. These common-sense actions will help enforce our laws regarding who can possess guns and will also help solve gun crimes.

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