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United States Senator Jeff Merkley Endorses Measure 114

Oregon Measure 114 is a non-partisan campaign to save lives and reduce gun violence all across our great state and we welcome support from everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. We are proud to include United States Senator Jeff Merkley as one of our endorsers and are extremely happy to see that Sen. Merkley recently emailed his supporters, urging them to vote YES on Measure 114. Thank you, Senator!

Measure 114 ✅ VOTE YES

“Our country has a gun violence epidemic; one that's impacted far too many families in Oregon. Measure 114 requires that a gun purchaser complete a background check and a gun safety course. It also limits the sale and use of large-capacity ammunition magazines that play a significant role in many mass murders. These are reasonable, common-sense gun policies that will save lives in Oregon.”

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